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    Nutrition: You Are What You Eat

    There’s a saying in fitness that abs are made in the kitchen. I think this is mildly understated, everything is made in the kitchen. You are what you eat. I didn’t know how much of a difference proper nutrition made until I really started focusing on it about 1 ½ years ago, about 6 months into my fitness transformation (Read More: One Step at a Time: My Fitness Transformation). This blog expands on my views about nutrition instead of a snazzy buzzword diet. It’s also a summary of what I did to change my relationship with food and beginning to eat to fuel life instead of for pure enjoyment. Hit…

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    One Step at a Time: My Fitness Transformation

    Day in and Day out I see people trying to diet and lose weight. They bounce from diet to diet never really sticking with one for more than a few months. This pains me to see so many people struggle while most of the fitness industry just pushes fad diets and fancy workout plans. I’m hoping this post will help you maybe get started on a path to achieving what you want with fitness. Read on to see how I went from being a out of shape couch potato to a fitness fanatic in 2 years.

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    You Be You: Stop Chasing the American Dream and Start Living It

    I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this, “I’m trying to live the American dream. Living the good life I guess…” You guess? I hear so many people that talk about their life milestones like, I guess I checked another one off the list… Hold Up!! If you are just checking milestones off a list set forth by society then you aren’t living the American Dream, your living a form of mental slavery. This post is going to explain my thoughts on what the real American Dream is and why it isn’t what most of us were made to believe.

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    Secure CoreOS Container Linux SSH Daemon on a Public Cloud

    If you have ever stood up a Linux server publicly on the internet and watched system logs you will know that it begins to be pounded almost immediately by people looking for a new machine to add to their botnet or use for other nefarious purposes. This is an even bigger problem with the rise of public clouds which has drastically increased the number of servers with public facing SSH daemons enticing the bad guys with a larger target. For this reason, you should never leave the ssh config set to the default when publicly available on the internet. Most are familiar with how to do this on the traditional…

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    How to Install a k8s Test Cluster with Vagrant and Kubeadm

    A few days ago I tried running minikube on Windows and it didn’t work at all. After about 45 minutes of troubleshooting I gave up and decided to put together a bit more manual process using Vagrant and kubeadm. This post will walk you through standing up a small functional Kubernetes cluster in just a few minutes. This Vagrant config starts two VMs with each with 2vCPUs and 3 GB of RAM. They also have 3 networks attached, a public network (host machine’s connected network), static private network (used for Kubernetes internal communications), and a bridge network which is the default network added by Virtual Box. Before You Begin Install…

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    CoreOS: Control the Container Craziness

    If you have been following the Linux container space lately you know that it is a fast paced place with frequent updates. Docker being the largest of the technologies at play is taking the DevOps world by storm making every ones life easier, or does it. Docker is a wonderful technology that is revolutionizing the way we deploy and run applications. However, if you plan to go to production with Docker you have to choose a strategy that will make it stable and secure. Docker will run on just about any modern Linux OS, but if you just go out and install it you could be in for lots of…