About Me

Welcome to my blog! I’m John, a computer engineer and fitness enthusiast, working in Austin, TX as a DevOps engineer. I love technology, but my biggest passions are health and fitness. This blog focuses on these and other general life topics that my come up from time to time. 

What makes me different from all the other fitness folks?  Put simply, it’s my focus on a sustainable lifestyle. I prioritize quality over quantity for both fitness and nutrition. This means I consistently eat minimally processed foods and embrace intense training focused on form and efficiency.

This lifestyle has led to more consistent and longer lasting results. While changes occur slower, I’ve found that life is much better when not stuck in an endless cycle of “enjoying life” then “cutting”. Put simply, I prefer to build a life I can enjoy all the time and not have to escape. The key in making a lasting lifestyle change is not feeling restricted and that requires the proper mindset.

Never Settle, Be Better Tomorrow Than You Are Today

Always getting better is also crucial to my lifestyle. This focus is key and guides everything from fitness to my career. If you’re not moving forward you’re going backwards because the world doesn’t slow down. This is why I love the phrase, “Never Settle, Be Better Tomorrow Than You Are Today”. It serves as a reminder to get better every day and never stop. There is always something to improve and this is what makes me get up in the morning. 

Health, fitness, and my focus on improvement have all made a profound impact on my life. While living this lifestyle goes against the “norm”, the benefits are life changing and something I will never give up. I hope this blog will inspire someone to make a change and reap the same benefits I have.